If any of these details change closer to the booking date, please let us know as soon as you can.

We will make the journey as easy and comfortable as possible for you, friends and family.

PLEASE NOTE: Meeting point is written in terms and conditions, please read carefully and accept. 

  • What is involved is a driver in Jindabyne, drives your vehicle or you will follow a driver and proceeds with you to Perisher, entering the Kosciusko National Park and you will be charged by NPWS a $29/ car gate entry fee each trip.

  • Vehicle chains must be carried for 2WD (not supplied) QWD and 4WD’s are exempt from carrying chains.

  • Upon your arrival in Perisher, we will drop you off at the Perisher car park turning circle or Smiggins.

  • Your vehicle is then driven back to Jindabyne by the driver, stored in a fenced, uncovered area for the duration of your stay & return to Perisher at your agreed / nominated departure time to be picked up.

  • To use our services, we will need to provide valid comprehensive insurance on the car getting driven.

  • We would appreciate it if you leave a copy of your comprehensive insurance in your car on the day.

  • We will also need to have your car fuel tank and water for windscreen full on the day we drive you up to perisher.

  • Here is the information provided by you with dates, times and car information.

  • Because of the high risk of accidents due to animals we do not drive when its dark! We drive between 6AM and 4PM from Jindabyne and 5PM from perisher.

  • For night time only transfer's ring Brendan 0419626025



Due to overload of bookings please call first. If your call is not answered while I am driving then leave message or text time and dates and we will get back to you. You will be unable to book online until you have inquired first. PLEASE DO NOT CALLS AFTER 8PM


Thank you for booking with us, 
The Sawpit Valet Services Team

Example of accepted Comprehensive Insurance. Anything else will not be accepted.

insurance example.jpg