SAWPIT VALET PARKING SERVICE is dedicated to Sawpit Mick (Micheal Taylor) as he ran a valet business for about 30 years. After his passing 28/4/19. Sawpit requested for me to run this service while he was going through therapy, unfortunately this did not happen, so my daughter and I decided to keep this great service going, using all his employees.


We strive to valet guests vehicles safely and efficiently to parking locations while following company policies and procedures.


We assist with providing general information about the Snowy Mountains, and local attractions.


Our staff have experience in driving in dangerous conditions and take extra care in reassuring customers while driving to and from their destination.

Our drivers in Jindabyne, drives your vehicle and proceeds with you to Perisher, entering the Kosciusko National Park. NPWS charges $29 per vehicle gate entry each way.


SAWPIT VALET PARKING specialises in valet services in Perisher, Smiggins and Charlotte Pass, in the Snowy Mountains.  We provide car parking services tailored to your needs.

SAWPIT VALET PARKING is here to take the hassle out of driving in dangerous conditions when it is snowing in the mountains. We park your car in a safe location while you relax and enjoy a fabulous, care free ski-holiday.

There is no need to waste time and energy looking for parking, book a spot with SAWPIT VALET PARKING and we will not only drive you to Perisher station in your own car, but we will pick you up upon your arrival back home. You can be sure your car will be in safe hands during your absence.